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Aloha friends and welcome to my Yoga for Health and Wellness website! I am excited to be here, and for this opportunity to share my passion for the practice of yoga and it’s many health benefits. Yoga is an ancient practice from India that has had a considerable resurgence in popularity over the past 30 years.

Modern yoga has been greatly reduced to a means of working out and getting fit. While yes, those are definitely benefits of the practice, yoga is so much more than that! Yoga is ultimately a path to self-discovery and if practiced consistently and correctly, it can enhance your overall health and well being in a deeply profound way.

This is what I aim to share with you.

Through this website, I will offer what I have learned about yoga and how the practices have benefited me. I will also be providing outside resources on both the ancient wisdom of yoga and the cutting edge research that has helped the practice to flourish in our modern age.


I took my first yoga class in 2004 on the North Shore of Oahu, where I was born and raised. I had heard about the buzz of yoga and was eager to check out what it was all about. I took a Bikram Yoga class, which is a specific 90-minute class done in a room heated to about 110 degrees. It felt like I was going to die at first, but after class I felt incredible, like I had really accomplished something!

I dabbled in Bikram Yoga for a few years, inconsistently at first, before branching out in to other styles of yoga. I explored Hatha Yoga for a bit and then eventually found my passion in Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is a flow based practiced in which you link each breath to each movement. It’s like an intricate dance between your inner and outer selves, concluding in a deeper awareness of yourself and how you navigate life.

In 2012, I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training and doing so is what really solidified my knowing that yoga would be a life long journey for me. Learning about the deeper layers of yoga through the teacher training program opened my eyes to the fact that I had so much more to learn. The fact that I had only just begun to scratch the surface of this practice was highly intriguing to me and I could not wait to learn more!!

I spent the next 2 years diving deep and completing 2 more Yoga Teacher Training programs, eventually getting certified at the RYT 500 level. After completing my trainings, I started working full time in the yoga industry, teaching classes, managing yoga studios, and eventually leading Yoga Teacher Trainings.

I have been here ever since, learned so much and I don’t plan on leaving.


Immersing myself in the yoga world so thoroughly gave me a lot of insight to the practices and the yoga industry as a whole. I’m here to share what I have learned along the way to a broader audience in hopes of enriching more lives through these practices.

I care deeply about people and the planet we live on and I know in my heart that yoga is how I can contribute to the healing that we so badly need. I believe in the practices of yoga and their powerful abilities to transform. I have seen it firsthand within myself and witnessed it others.


Yoga is what our world needs right now, more than ever. Many people are disconnected, from their true selves, from their bodies, from nature, and from something greater. Yoga creates and deepens these connections, eventually leading to healing, illumination, transformation and liberation. I will continue to foster these connections within myself, and to help as many people as I can to do so as well.

Through this website, I will be offering tools, practices, tips, resources, products and more, to help you either get started with yoga, or further enhance your practice. I hope you find value in what I have to share here.

Please remember that everyone is different and not everything that I have to offer will resonate with everyone. There is no quick fix or magic wand. It takes hard work and dedication to reach your goals, no matter what they are. I cannot guarantee you anything, I am simply here to impart what has worked for me and many others. If you are consistent in the practices and believe that they will help you, then they most likely will.

It’s all up to YOU.

If you ever need advice or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

With Love,



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